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View from the Fitting Stool

Michael Quinn, Training Manager for Crockett & Jones, discusses his love of fitting our customers with their perfect pair of C&J shoes.

View from the Fitting Stool

Perhaps not the prettiest of vistas, but interesting? Yes I think so. Dropped arches, bunions, metatarsals, feet that pronate, supernate and do all sorts of odd nonconformist things. Yes feet really are the strangest apendages and I’ve seen a lot of them!

But maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Michael Quinn and I am privileged to be the Crockett & Jones Training Manager for Retail. Here in our stores all of our staff undergo rigorous training to appraise a customers’ size and fit. Allied with an understanding of the unique features of each last, they are now in a position to recommend a shape that is compatible to that particular customers’ foot.

When I introduce a salesman to a Customer I say something like “this is … who is a highly skilled Shoe Fitter with extensive experience of finding the precise last for your foot."

The great joy of being a shoe fitter with C&J is that with an ever increasing stable of Lasts and a relentless desire to improve fit, we can always find something which is perfect for that particular customer.

Narrow heels? Yes no problem, broad forepart? Got it covered, feet different sizes? Our salesmen know what to do.

Thereafter the delighted new recipient of his or her first pair of C&Js have their fitting details recorded in order to facilitate the simple purchase of their next pair. Interestingly I have customers who also frequent some of the finest Bespoke houses in London yet find the C&J fit equally as comfortable and, needless to say at a fraction of the price.

Whether your feet are Greek (second toe longer), Roman (practically square) or Egyptian (toes elegantly slanted), one thing is for sure, they will be Happy Feet as you leave a Crockett & Jones shop to enjoy a life time of walking bliss!

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Inspired by the people, the heritage and the products of Crockett & Jones.

At Crockett & Jones we feel part of something very special, regardless of your area of expertise. Whether that is Clicking, Closing, Making, Finishing, Retail Service or Operations – all at C&J have an understanding of what makes our shoes & boots such excellent value for money. Today, we employ some 300 staff across production and HQ in Northampton with a further 80 ambassadors on the front line, working in Crockett & Jones retail around the world… With that brings an unrivalled insight into the workings of a 140 year old, family owned and managed, Goodyear-welted shoe manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. We will bring to you a variety of articles from the very heart of our wondrous company.

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