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Celebrating 25 Years of Pembroke

Autumn Winter is always a favourite season for the Northamptonshire shoe makers and although at Crockett & Jones we like to remain firmly rooted to the traditions of our 136 year heritage, we occasionally like to offer that ‘something different’...

Celebrating 25 Years of Pembroke

The Full Brogue, in particular the Brogue Derby has a heritage as long as any, with a very unassuming, working background. Not originally famed for business or even casual wear the ‘working’ Brogue Derby has put plenty of hours in, over many years at Crockett & Jones.


Pembroke, a household name amongst many, is a mens brogue that could be likened to your trusty and loyal family pooch (one that will never let you down). It has now seen not one, but two and half decades of love, care and appreciation from thousands of customers worldwide.

This year, Pembroke has firmly cemented its position as ‘THE’ Crockett & Jones Brogue Derby. To celebrate this, we are offering it in four scotch grain colourways: The Original Tan Scotch Grain, Dark Blue, Dark Green and Dark Brown Scotch Grain. Pembroke is here to stay… Read Pembroke's Product Spotlight here.

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