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SS18 Details... Crawford

SS18 Details... Crawford

Crawford, a Penny loafer made from the finest calf leather and bark tanned single leather soles. From the Hand Grade collection.

Last 363

Produced in May 2009. Last 363 is a Hand Grade Collection last with a soft round toe, and asymmetric fitting qualities. This last is widely regarded as one of Crockett & Jones’s best fitting lasts. This is due to the slimmer back part reducing heel slippage, and a slightly narrower waist offering good arch support. Crockett & Jones’s take on a modern, but contemporary round toe, 363 suits straight cap Oxfords as well as providing the foundations to an excellent fitting Hand Grade loafer.

Crockett & Jones.

Did you know?

The Hand Grade Leather sole on Crawford has ‘Channel Stitching’. This is where a machine cuts a channel into the sole of the shoe for the sole stitching to sit in, the flap of the channel is then pushed back over the stitching and buffered to create a completely smooth sole.

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