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The Driving Shoe

The Driving Shoe

The Driving Shoe has become an easily recognisable classic that is less formal than a Goodyear-welted Loafer but less delicate than the rather feminine Belgian Loafer. Made by specialist manufacturers in Italy, the unstructured moccasin construction is flexibility personified and unbelievably breathable in the summer. Two soles are available; what we call the Pedrosa rubber unit and a softer cleated rubber sole featuring a rubber heel that sweeps up the back of the shoe for rocking on the peddles! This sole detail makes a Driving Shoe completely usable as a… Driving Shoe!

They both provide you with unrivalled feel and comfort in wear. Made to relay feedback and provide touch and feel for each breaking point as the apexes arrive at speed. Also perfect for casual summer style, these fit for purpose shoes are no longer only worn for navigating your way up (or down) the Stelvio Pass in a Ferrari 250 GTO or an Alfa Romeo T33 Stradale (one can dream). They are at ease, sockless, companioning you along which ever summer vacation hotspot you chose… Small enough and flexible enough to pack a couple of pairs for colour variation!

For our photoshoot, we chose two British icons with Italian influence marrying together driving purity and driving enjoyment through footwear. The original Italian Driving Shoe with two stalwarts in British motoring heritage: The Triumph Stag and our Lotus Elise S Cup…

The Triumph Stag, designed by the famous Italian Giovanni Michelotti, lends itself to the more traditional of Sunday drives with its lazy V8 and relaxing driving experience. OK, the lumpy V8 was too lazy for some, but a beautifully iconic piece of British engineering nevertheless.

Our Lotus Elise, named after the Granddaughter of Italian one time owner of Lotus, Romano Artioli, was a vision and product of Colin Chapman’s philosophy: “Don’t add power, add lightness”. Famous Chapman quotes include: “Adding power only makes you faster on the straights” and “Simplify, then add lightness”… music to a petrol heads ears! Lotus cars are remarkable, none more so than the Elise which recently celebrated its 25 Anniversary and is widely regarded as the purest sports car for the Great British B-Road. OK, this toughened Cup version is more suited to Silverstone than the B roads around Northampton, but a quick test drive showed our Driving Shoes were up to the challenge...

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