Crockett & Jones

140th Anniversary Collection

A collection of archival styles, produced to the highest standards, that began with the development of a new last, the 140.

140th Anniversary Collection

This year sees Crockett & Jones reach a milestone that far surpasses what any Crockett or Jones originally set out to achieve. It gives us the greatest of pleasure to thank all of our customers, for without your commitment and appreciation for our shoes & boots, Crockett & Jones would not be in the position we are in today. Thank you. In celebration, we have created something very special – The 140th Anniversary Collection:


140 years have passed since Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett joined forces to create what is now regarded as one of the finest shoemakers in the world - Crockett & Jones. The story of a shoemaker (Jones) and a businessman (Crockett) unfolded, resulting in an incredibly successful shoe manufacturing ‘firm’ that has remained in the careful hands of a Jones ever since.

Turn through 140 pages of production records and you will still find Crockett & Jones working to the hum of skilled craftsmen and women in the same factory the company founders built in 1890. Towering above the surrounding terraces of – Perry Street, Magee Street and Turner Street, where Crockett & Jones stands proudly as an icon of British shoe manufacturing.


In honour of our heritage and shoemaking finesse the 140th Anniversary Collection breaks away from the norm and takes inspiration from our extensive archives, but for development to begin we needed a wooden form on which to produce the collection… Specially developed for the collection, Last 140 features a hollowed out neck, narrow waist, soft outside wall and an elegantly English round toe profile. Last 140 surpassed out expectations producing some of the finest shoes to have ever been made in our Perry street factory. Mr Jones has been known to say “If a shoe looks good in the hand, it will look even better on the foot!”

The style names of our Hand Grade Collection are taken from the streets that surround our London retail flagships. For our 140th trio, we decided to honour the surrounding streets of our Northampton factory – Perry, Magee & Turner (street).

Each style features an elevated Hand Grade specification with British racing green linings, black sole finishing, hand polished uppers, a Gold embossed 140th Collection logo, a nod to the very early days of branded production. Every purchase is complimented with a pair of lasted Shoe Trees that are handmade by the very same last maker of the 140 and therefore fit perfectly to the form that the Anniversary Collection is made on.


Perry (street), ‘a very distinctive style’ as described in our 1920s special edition catalogue. A pin-punch cap English Oxford with exquisite swan neck facing details. Made from the smallest and tightest black calf skins with a notion of our linear willow grain (also in black) found under laid in the shapely swan neck facing and art deco ‘fishtail’ back strap. Featuring Rendenbach leather soles and historical detailing in abundance. From the 140th Anniversary Collection.


Magee (street), a Cambridge gusset casual, thought to originate on Jermyn Street, London, where Crockett & Jones’ London flagships reside. This very ‘London’ style combines antique calf uppers with expertly stitched willow grain gusset sides and quarter inserts. Featuring a rare seamless counter and Rendenbach leather soles, Magee offers thoughtful detailing in abundance. From 140th Anniversary Collection.


Turner (street), the dandy of the 140th Collection, is a demi-boot with a pin-punched short-wing cap, often found on early 19th century spectators. Featuring a combination of antique calf and willow grain, perhaps more subtly so with just the strap and art-deco ‘fishtail’ back strap both in the linear grain, giving a slight contrast from the hand polished antique calf. Featuring a single handmade and polished buckle, Rendenbach leather soles, Turner is a demi-boot to be cherished and cared for. From the 140th Anniversary Collection.

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