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140th Anniversary Details... Turner

140th Anniversary Details... Turner

Turner (street), the dandy of the 140th Collection, is a demi-boot with a pin-punched short-wing cap, often found on early 19th century spectators. Featuring a combination of antique calf and willow grain, perhaps more subtly so with just the strap and art-deco ‘fishtail’ back strap both in the linear grain, giving a slight contrast from the hand polished antique calf.

Turner | 140th Anniversary Collection | Crockett & Jones

Last 140

Specially developed for the collection, Last 140 features a hollowed out neck, narrow waist, soft outside wall and an elegantly English round toe profile. After months of model making, sampling and test fitting a form fit for the collection was born.

Turner in Tan Antique Calf & Tan Willow Grain

Did you know?

Turner is a demi-boot or ankle boot, comes into the collection slightly later. Ankle boots began their rise to fame in the 60s and 70s, although this model takes inspiration from early 19th century styling. A blend of true heritage.

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